Reading & Listening



Living your Yoga

Judith Lasater

For anyone looking to bring the practice of yoga off the mat and into day to day life. I am a huge fan of Judith Lasater’s and this is one of many books of hers that I return to regularly.


1,001 Pearls of Yoga Wisdom

Liz Lark

This is a tiny gem of a book. Full of fabulous little tidbits about yoga. Keep it on a table close by and read a page or two a day. Fun, easy learning.

Freedom from the Know Jiddu Krishnamurti

Freedom from the Know

Jiddu Krishnamurti

For anyone wanting to dive in a little deeper into existentialism from a yogic perspective. Juicy stuff!


Hatha Yoga Illustré

Martin Kirk, Brooke Boon, Daniel DiTuro

This is a great little yoga dictionary of basic info and postures. Good general reference book.


Heart Yoga

Andrew Harvey, Karuna Erickson

This is one of my favourite books. Dog eared and referenced often, this book is full of yoga wisdom, poems, references to scriptures and asana sequences to open the heart and touch the soul.


Relax and Renew

Judith Lasater

I teach and practice restorative yoga regularly and love how this book can help people bring this practice into their daily living.