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Blog – April 8, 2020

Now that many of us have a little more time on our hands, we have found ourselves doing things we have been wanting to do for a long time, but never got around to. For me, that was starting a blog, and what better time to start a blog than in the middle of a pandemic. 

Welcome to my first blog.

Pillars of Foundation – Daring to Dream of Building Hope for the Future

There has been a lot of talk in the wellness world about the need for resiliency.  I could not agree more.  In order to be resilient, we need to have a good foundation, just like any structure that needs to withstand the tests of time.  This pandemic has shaken many of us to our core and put into question the foundation upon which we have built our lives.  The wrath of this crisis has given us all a new chance to look inward, on what our values are, on how our core beliefs have affected us and on how we have shown up, in this limited time on earth, for our families, friends , colleagues and neighbours.

Many would agree that there were so many instabilities in our foundations that life itself chose to step in to help us wipe the slate clean and start again. Just like when a hurricane comes through and levels a home, after working our way through the devastation, the time comes to rebuild.  After such devastation and loss, rarely would anyone want to rebuild exactly the same way. We need to admit that the old model didn’t work.

If the old normal wasn’t sustainable, what is the new normal supposed to look like?  How many times have we been asked the question, “what would you do differently?” While we cannot change the past, we have been given a golden opportunity to choose to begin again, making better choices that are not only healthier and more sustainable for each individual but for everyone and everything on this planet. 

Now is the time to adopt and create new, meaningful beliefs that have the capacity to heal us and future generations and  affect the longevity of this beautiful home we call earth.  Even though everyone has the potential to do so, not everyone will have the strength to step up, and some just won’t because they have been blinded and consumed by pain and loss.   But those of us that can, need to empower one another, support one another, and encourage one another so that we may all rise and become the change we want to see in the world.

I would like us to consider the possibility of creating four pillars upon which to build a strong new foundation within each one of us.  Our pillars cannot be things that can be bought or sold because that would be going back and trying to use the old model which we have learned doesn’t work.

Faith, Compassion, Love and Gratitude.   These pillars, when built, have the capacity to withstand the tests of time. If each one of us built our foundations for living upon these, then we would always have each other to make sure our foundations stayed strong, no matter what came our way.  If leaders of political systems and religions and corporations built their foundations upon these pillars, can we begin to imagine what that would look like?

Faith is something that got lost to many of us.  Faith has meant many things to many people.  I believe faith got lost because of power struggles within religious dogmas.  It is time for the religions of the world to come together and agree that the basis of every religion and the basis of faith itself is love and behave accordingly.  If any of us do not follow any religion, it is time to explore what faith has the potential be.  We can have faith in anything as long as it is based on love.  Faith is powerful because courage and trust arise from it which is very much needed right now to help build a better world.   From faith everything else then begins to transform.  Compassion, Love and Gratitude are more accessible when we have faith.  When these four pillars come together, they form a stable base upon which we can begin to build the new more resilient structures of our lives, safe in the knowledge that we can maintain integrity on our strong foundations.  What I am suggesting is to build a foundation with things unseen.  Not an easy task for many. We need to feel our way into a better future. We begin by going inward and becoming more aware. We need to show up, slow down and begin to look a little deeper inside and heal the places that need healing.  To open our hearts to endless potential.

Let our daily practices then become ways to deepen our faith, our compassion, our love and our gratitude and from there finding our way through healing and forgiveness and then maybe slowly, gradually we can become the unified brightly lit beings we all have been given the potential to be. We can all find our own unique ways of getting there by reaching out for help, when we need, along the way.  What we are seeking always presents itself when we have faith.

Get curious, be inspired, and move into and beyond fear and shine.

With love and blessings